for strategic decisions

  • One of the most basic needs of organizations is the possibility of tracking results in a timely manner to evaluate the real performance of the business against its goals.

    At CODE Consulting we give you the opportunity to have a custom made control panel adapted to the nature of your business.

    In it you’ll find monthly operational and financial KPIs to monitor the performance of your organization. This will alow you to make strategic decisions and close the gap between real and desired results.

  • This service includes:
  • Preparation of a budget.
  • Projections of annual results.
  • KPIs Report.
  • Analysis of results.
  • We make sure our knowledge is transferred to your organization by monitoring closely the implementation of the tolos designed.

  • Monitoring the performance of the organization.

  • Setting goals.

  • Measuring real results.

  • Making sure goals are met.

  • Changing certain work practices to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information.


  • Unique service package that offers:

  • Bookkeeping:

    Timely and accurate registration of transactions in

  • Performance Management

    Reduction of gaps between real results and goals, allowing you to make timely decisions.


Your Administrative Solution!

  • At CODE Consulting lewe give you the chance to have an Outsourced Administration Service.

  • We give you the opportunity of:
  • Reducing your current in-house administration costs.
  • Having more time to focus in the core business.
  • Create or strenghten a culture of performance management.
  • Develop better administrative procedures.
  • The perfect Combination of Tools!

  • Bookkeeping

    Timely and accurate registration of your transactions.

  • Performance Management

    Reduction of gaps between results and goals.

  • Payroll

  • Tax Declarations

  • Billing and AR Management

  • AP Management


Develop your Opportunity!

  • Due diligence

    For companies’ purchases

  • Valuations

    Assesing the right price for a business

  • Raising Capital

    Developing schemes to raise capital for your company

  • New Ventures Development

    From brainstorming to operation

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